Thunder  Hawk and Aiyana's Website
My mate, Aiyana and I welcome you to our website.  
We wish to create a place for all those who are of
mixed-blood heritage. It is our hope that there will be
something here for everyone-links to tribal websites,
pages where our people can submit their Native
Poetry, Native American recipes and more.  Please let
us know what you would like to see here and we will
do our best.
If you have a poem or a recipe you would like to share,
new about an upcoming gathering or pow wow, please
feel free to contact me by e-mail.
Every person of American Indian heritage has the right
to know about their ancestry, as well as the customs
and traditions of their people.
"Indian blood is like gold, not matter how thinly spun, it
shines just as bright."  Chief Grey Owl.
"The color of the skin makes no difference.  What is good
and just for one is good and just for the other, and the
Great Spirit made all men brothers.  I have red skin, but
my grandfather was a white man.  What does it matter?  
It is not the color of the skin that makes me good or bad."
                                                        White Shield
DISCLAIMER: Thunder Hawk and Aiyana are
completely fictional characters, created by aspiring
author, Aleta Tenney.
Spirit Wolf Collections
site no longer exists.